Training 10MILA 2017

The best way to prepare for 10MILA 2017 is to train in relevant terrain. The 10MILA organisation offers you a choice of training packages, where the terrain and courses are based on the types of challenges you will encounter at 10MILA in Gothenburg/Partille 2017. The courses have been planned by Lerum SOK orienteering club. All training maps have been recently revised and several of them were drawn by the cartographer who produced the competition map.

The training packages are described below with directions to the locations. The locations are marked on the area map at the bottom of this page. The map also shows the embargoed area, where no training is allowed.

  • Price: SEK 60/course and map. Invoice will be sent afterwards
  • Map, description and plastic A4-cover are included in each package.
  • Each control is marked with a small orange/white flag (15x15cm) and a reflective stick.


If you have any questions about our training packages, please contact Ingemar Gunnarsson on +46(0)705-282857. To order training packages, please complete the order form and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view least 2 weeks before you plan to do your training.

IMPORTANT NOTE: training areas are closed during the hunting season

The following training packages are available

Training package 1 – Long-distance with several route choices . 2 courses: 8 km and 11 km. Relatively easy terrain. Parking and start at Råhultstugan approx. 2 km south of Jonsered.

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Training package 2 – Relay training with 3 forked courses, with middle-distance characteristics. The terrain is detailed with some slopes in parts. Parking at Råhultstugan, approx. 2 km south of Jonsered, Start approx. 700 m north of the parking area.

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Training package 3  Middle-distance north of lake Aspen. Hilly, detailed and rocky terrain with some slopes in parts. Parking and start at Jonsered's Manor House (Jonsereds Herrgård).

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Training package 4  Long-distance night in the forest between Floda and Gråbo. This is the area in which the Swedish Night Championships were held in 2013. Two long-distance courses (M21 and W21). The courses have several sections with various route choices. Parking and start at Hästhagen school (Hästhagenskolan) in Floda.

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Training package 5 – Long-distance courses (M21, W21 and 2 youth courses). Suitable for both day and night training. The terrain is moderately hilly wilderness with trails, marshes and lakes. Start at the parking area south of  ”Bertilssons stuga”, accessed via ”nya Öjersjövägen”. This training has been planned by the same course planner as for the 10MILA competition.

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Map of the area

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