Competition Bulletin (Bulletin 5) and supplementary information are published

We are happy that we can finally announce that this years Competition Bulletin (Bulletin 5) is online. You can find it under "Competition - Bulletins - Bulletin 5 (Competition Bulletin) here on the web and at Eventor. You can also find Open Courses PM under "Competition, and an Arena map, Service-PM and Traffic PM under "Information".

We will inform when the Accommodation PM is ready. 

PS. The average temperature in Ånnaboda last week is almost 7C. Hence, the likelyhood of snow free training courses is high. 

Clarification on forking, leg 3, youth relay

We receive questions regarding the forking on leg 3 which allows for runners in pairs. Runners in the same team have the same course. Other teams may have a different course. 

Snö/Snow 8/4!

Det har snöat senaste dygnet. Vi rekommenderar ej träningsläger denna helg. Prognosen för veckan är plusgrader så vi hoppas snöläget ändras under veckan!
It has been snowing the past 24h. Training packages are not recommended this weekend. The weather prognosis for the upcoming week suggests the snow will melt. We hope it will for Easter!
The photo is taken south of Örebro

2nd registration deadline April 8th

On April 9, the entry fee increases to 100%. Remember to inform the one responsible for paying your registration, registration is completed only after all fees are paid. Late payment means that the fees for the last entry period apply.


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